Day trip with sail yacht to Kleftiko & Polyegos from Pollonia (max 10people)

Price 90.00

 A unique opportunity to visit the mesmerizing island of Polyegos and also get to experience the pirate life of Kleftiko. The experienced crew of this beautiful monohull yacht will sail from Pollonia to Polyegos island for a first stop to swim and then sail along the east side of Milos and south to Kleftiko. In our tour you will get to see the following locations:

-First swimming stop in the island of Polyegos at the “Blue Waters” the famous yachting destination.

-Second swimming stop in Gerakas beach, with the white impressive sand.

-Sail along the south side of the island

-Third swimming stop in Kleftiko, the pirate bay of Milos. This is a longer stop for snorkeling and cave touring.

-Forth swimming stop (if time allows us) at the beach of Tsigrado.

 Why to book with us:

-Maximum participants are limited to 10people so to ensure maximum comfort

- Multilingual crew (English, Spanish, Portuguese)

- Free pick up from your accommodation (for selected locations)

- If weather allows us, we will also open sails!

-High quality of snacks and lunch. We serve traditional recipes of selected dishes (depending on your dietary requirements) along with Greek salad and various snacks. Greek white dry wine will accompany your meal. (all included in the price)


Yacht Specifications

Type of yacht: Benetau monohull sailing yacht 46ft (14m) long

Maximum capacity: 10people and 2 crew members

Activities: Snorkeling equipment available for every passenger, Action Camera(underwater) camera on board

Duration: 09:45–approx. 19:00

Includes: snacks, refreshments, drinks, homemade lunch, snorkeling equipment

Departure point:Pollonia


Detailed itinerary: The yacht will depart from the village of Pollonia at 09:45 daily, setting course to Polyegos island, the biggest uninhabited island of Greece. After about 50minutes she will arrive at the Blue Waters location at the south of the island. This is a famous yachting destination, famous worldwide for the turquoise color of the sea due to the bright white rocks which surround the area. This is our first refreshing swimming stop (about 30mins).Then we will head back to Milos, towards the south side of the island.

Next stop at the beach of Gerakas. Close to a significant deposit of perlite (one of the most famous minerals of Milos), Gerakas is only approachable by the sea. Long white sand slides of perlite, meet the sea offering an impressive setting. Another 30mins of swimming and then we start again with destination to Kleftiko! The yacht will cruise along the south side of Milos, where you will be able to witness the coast line with the beaches of Paliochori, Aghia Kyriaki, Tsigrado, Fyriplaka, Provatas, Gerontas reach about 1,5hr later to Kleftiko!

Kleftiko is the famous landmark of Milos. Here we will have a longer stop allowing plenty of time for snorkeling (equipment isavailable on board), underwater pictures with the action camera (available on board) and last but no least a cave tour with a small tender boat to the sea caves of Kleftiko. The area here is full of sea caves and it’s impossible to swim along all of them (they are too many and far apart) so with our tender boat navigated from one of our crew members you will get to see most of them! Lunch will be served during the stop in Kleftiko. Traditional dishes such as chicken with lemon sauce accompanied by Greek salad. Alternative options are provided for those with special dietary requirements (vegeterian, vegan options are available). Greek bottled dry white wine will complete this gastronomical journey (beer and other beverages are also available).

Once we have enjoyed Kleftiko, the yacht will set course back to Pollonia, via the south side with a last swim stop in Tsigrado or Fyrligos beach. The yacht then will stop at the south beach of Provatas from where you will transferred by a mini bus back to Pollonia. By this way you will not have to spend time sailing back and you will have more time available to enjoy your swimming stops.


In case the yacht is starting from Provatas the itinerary will be the following:

-Pick up from Pollonia with the car and drive to Provatas to embark on the yacht.

-First swimming stop at the beach of Tsigrado

-Then sail straight to Kleftiko for the normal stop as described above

-Sail along the south side with next swimming stop to be Gerakas beach

-Afternoon swim at Polyegos “Blue Waters” locations and return to Pollonia with beautiful sunset colors in the background.

To ensure maximum comfort depending on the weather conditions the trip might modified by the captain. He will try to visit Kleftiko no matter how the rest of the itinerary will vary. The only reason not to visit Kleftiko is to have south winds, something uncommon for the period of 15/6 until 10/9, when we usually have north wind.